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Who we are
Since the first APEX 5040 rolled out of production in 2005, Apex Stages has been working hard to be the leading manufacturer of mobile stages in North America.  We are meeting that goal by constantly striving for innovation and listening to the industry. After building the worlds tallest mobile hydraulic stage in the 5040, Apex then designed the affordable and versatile mid-sized APEX 3224 in 2008. In 2010, we released the APEX 2420 for use in smaller venues. Our smallest stage - the APEX 2016 - was released this year to be used for small venues and front-of-house mix positions.
5040 elite alcatraz
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What We Make
Apex Stages are the most user friendly and high quality stages on the market today.  With very little training, 2 to 4 people can set up any one of our APEX stages in an hour and they can be taken down in less than 45 minutes-including our largest stage, the 5040. With our exclusive innovation - the Tower Shuttle - the APEX 3224 and APEX 2420 are simple enough to be set up by only one person!* Imagine the time and money you save compared to a conventional stage. Each stage simply unfolds with the push or pull of a lever. It’s that simple. All of our stages feature quality materials and workmanship. We wouldn't have it any other way. (*Two person setup is always recommended for safety)
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APEX3224 concert
APEX3224 setting up
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